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Come visit Ocean Design Aquarium for a unique and friendly shopping experience! We offer quality livestock and aquarium supplies along with the customer service you deserve! Ocean Design Aquarium has been in business
over 25 years. Whether you are interested in a saltwater aquarium or
freshwater aquarium you have come to the right place! We stock a
large selection of aquarium decorations including natural rocks,
artificial plants and resin aquarium decorations. Ocean Design Aquarium
offers a large selection of fish food including live, flake, pellets & frozen!

We can help you choose a saltwater aquarium or freshwater aquarium in
the size and shape that will best fit your space! Many sizes are on sale
each month to accommodate any budget! We also carry nano aquariums
to fit the smallest of spaces!

After you choose your freshwater or saltwater aquarium we will suggest the
proper filtration system and lighting needed to keep to a healthy tank!
We also have all the aquarium supplies needed to maintain your
freshwater aquarium or saltwater aquarium!


Just arrived super nice selection of African Cichlids ranging from 1"
to 6".OB Regal Blue Peacock,Otterpoint Peacock, Lwanda Peacock,
Cobue Blue Peacock, Maleri Sunshine Peacock, Lemon Jake Peacock,Tangerine Tiger Peacock, German Red Peacock, Zebra Pelvic Longfin, Red Empress, Elongatus Chewere, Astatotilapa Calliptera, ACEI, Obliqeiden, Labidochromis Mbamba,and Elongatus Usisya.

Just arrived Super nice Yellow Fire Shrimp and Chocolate shrimp!
A nice selection of small to large Freshwater Angels!